I’ll need to cash in on some new mercies tomorrow morning!

Lord, please energize me at the end of my workdays!!  For that matter, please give me energy and focus throughout the day!  My heart wants so much to love as you love, to serve as you serve and to give as you give.  Being  unable to focus during work, then coming home exhausted is not really facilitating that.  It definitely is not putting me in the mindset of looking outside of myself or of thinking of others as higher than myself.

I spent most of my my life being spoiled and self-absorbed, including part of my time that I’ve been following You!!  Thank you, Lord, for the crazy trials that brought me to the end of myself and out of that state.  Or at least, helped me get out of that state.  Is it the enemy that would keep me too tired and self-absorbed to be able to reach out in the ways that You know that I can?!  I’ve already seen one very pointed example of this recently.  Lord, help me combat this!! Better yet, combat it for me!!  Give me the energy and discipline.  Help me make better choices that will enhance, not detract from my health.  (Oh, Dr. Pepper…) You can even give me a taste for healthy, grainy things, legumes and all that stuff.

Please forgive me for the countless hours I’ve spent “relaxing.”  Let me not look back on many more wasted hours.  Grant me ideas.  Put  people in my path.  Please forgive me for my good intentions, which began at sunrise this morning, but did not, for the most part, come into fruition.

Please help me not need to repent of the same, sorry mess tomorrow!

Thank you, Lord, for even the thought to pray for this.  It’s been such a struggle for a while….





2 thoughts on “I’ll need to cash in on some new mercies tomorrow morning!

    • Thank you, again, for reading and commenting! I’m glad you like it. 😀 The blog you linked me to is closed till the new year. I’ll read what she wrote then!

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