Health Updates

Congratulations! You’ve stumbled upon a two-for-one deal on blog posts today.  After 6 weeks away (for no particular reason), I’ve got lots on my mind.  Read the next post for spiritual updates.  Now, for the physical/mental updates.

About a month ago, I was prescribed a medication for ADD.  It worked well.  I was able to grasp the 100 helium balloons over my head, hold them down and be productive at work.  A wonderful feeling!  Unfortunately, even at a very low, introductory dose, this medication made me feel super-sluggish.  The wonderful doctor that I’m working with asked me to give it a couple of weeks, then we agreed that this was not the answer for me.

So…after we get my hypertension (more pills!) under control, we’ll try another medication.  The first was a non-stimulant, and this one will be a stimulant.  I’m a little nervous, but hopeful that it will work.  Just because.

I think that today was the exact day that the first medication was completely out of my system.  Someone cut the strings on all of my helium balloons, and I couldn’t get them back for most of the day.  Hopefully, tomorrow will be better, cause I have stuff to do!


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