Catching up

Wow.  I’ve been gone for 8 months!  If you had been following the beginnings of my blog, please forgive me for dropping off the earth for such a long time.

The most exciting thing that has happened is that I became a homeowner!  I had no idea that it would happen so quickly.  My former roommate needed to move for a job; and I needed to make a quick decision to find a new roommate or move out, myself.  While looking for an apartment, I was directed to a wonderful, large (for me) townhouse that was very affordable.  If I were in apartment, I’d have only half the space for what I’m paying in mortgage payments.  I would have never imagined owning such a lovely place! Praise the LORD.

In previous posts, I’d mentioned that a doctor and I had begun trying out medications for ADD.  After extremely discouraging, and sometimes disturbing, results from 4 different brands, we finally came upon one that seems to work – and it doesn’t seem to have any side effects!  Some of the others that I tried produced great results as far as focus, but they left me with headaches, random crying or awful crashes in energy.  Not at all worth it.  I don’t believe the medication I’ve used for the past several months gives me the greatest focus, but I also don’t have a headache after having had to concentrate for a couple of hours.  This is a good thing.

I’d also mentioned that I wanted to use this year to look more outside of myself and my concerns, in order to focus on others.  There have been mixed results on this front.  While I am very sure that there has been progress, it is probably not as much as I would have liked to have seen by now.  I continue to make a conscious effort to love and focus on others – even when I am in difficult/painful situations.  Hopefully, the LORD will honor my trying and give me strength and desire to move even further in selflessness.  I’ve found out what a relief it often is to focus on someone else.  God must have made it that way!

Well, I’m not sure how long I’ll stick around this time, but I’ve got some stuff going on at the moment… So, at least through this drama.  🙂

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