It’s been such a long time (again) that I’ve been away from this blog. I’m not even completely sure now. Hopefully, this stay will not be short-lived.

Having said that, here’s the reason I’m back: I’ve been thinking about modesty recently. Actually, it’s something that I’ve kept in mind over the 12 years that I’ve been a Christian.

Lately, though, I’ve thought that it’d be a topic that I want to write about. As if I don’t have enough topics floating about already…

So, I hope to dedicate a good part of this blog to my thoughts and experiences with modest and immodest dressing. I’m not talking floor-length denim skirt modesty, by the way.

This isn’t to say that I’ve got it all figured out. And a lot of what I will have to say on this topic will reflect my ongoing figuring-it-out process.

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