Possible Migration: Are You on Board?

I recently started another, less general blog, Highly Sensitive Christian, which deals with the trait known as HSP or Highly Sensitive Persons.  Having found out this summer that I am one of these, I began a search for information, coping, anything to learn more about HSP.  Most of what I found seemed to have very new-age leanings, with which I am uncomfortable.  The articles largely discussed psychic and empathic aspects of the trait.  For me, as a follower of Jesus, that was treading a little too closely to the paranormal.

When I raised this concern to my counselor, she said, “You’re right.  There isn’t a lot of information our there for Christian HSPs.  You should write about it.”


And then I did.  And I’ve been loving the process.  To be truthful, I’ve been much more faithful to that blog than I ever was to this one.  That’s likely because I’m writing on a very specific topic.

While I have been hoping to resurrect this blog as well, I’m almost at the point of deciding to merge the two blogs.  The primary material would, at least for now, be HSP-related; but I’d like to round it out with more texts and images from my life. I want to share parts of my life that are not directly related to HSP or my experience in learning about it.

Having said this, if you currently follow this blog, I hope you’ll soon follow my Highly Sensitive Christian blog, too.  That way you will be able to find me, in the event that I shut down this blog!  I’m not pleased at how sparse this blog is, and if someone takes the time and interest to read my posts (thank you so much!), I want that person to be able to count on, well, having posts to actually read!

So, pack your bags and come along with me!

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