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Screaming Kid

As I was just reading some other Christian blogs, I came to a realization that in many ways, I have been like a screaming kid before God. And I have been refusing to be comforted by Him, simply by virtue of who He is. Please come visit my other blog, <a href="http://“>Highly Sensitive Christian to … Continue reading

Post at Highly Sensitive Christian

Please come visit my newer blog at Highly Sensitive Christian for a new post. I appreciate everyone who follows Mi Pwint, but I won’t really be updating here anymore. Highly Sensitive Christian was initially intended to be focussed on my experiences with Highly Sensitive Personality; but I’ve decided to consolidate this, more general, blog into … Continue reading

Come Visit “Highly Sensitive Christian”

I will no longer be updating this blog. Please come on over to my other blog, Highly Sensitive Christian. I’ve begun to feel that this blog is too general and all-over-the-place – not to mention severely neglected. That one has been extremely focused on coping with HSP, Highly Sensitive Personality, in a godly way. It’s … Continue reading

Possible Migration: Are You on Board?

I recently started another, less general blog, Highly Sensitive Christian, which deals with the trait known as HSP or Highly Sensitive Persons.  Having found out this summer that I am one of these, I began a search for information, coping, anything to learn more about HSP.  Most of what I found seemed to have very … Continue reading

Beauty for ashes? Here’s hoping

I started this post nearly two years ago. As you read, you will realize that I never finished it. I will say this, though: it’s strange to find these un-published, unfinished words that I wrote two years ago – right on the tail end of one of the worst times of my life. So far. … Continue reading

In medias res

It seems strange to begin in the middle.  In medias res, if you will.  That’s where I am right now.  I’m in the middle of my 30s.  I’m in the middle of figuring out my next steps.  I’m in the middle of some “heart drama.”  I’m in the middle of God’s love.  I’d love to … Continue reading